Mountain Brook is an amazing community who comes together in a crisis and we have never experienced a crisis anything like the Coronavirus. OUR MERCHANTS ARE THE HEARTBEAT OF OUR COMMUNITY; THEREFORE, WE ARE LAUNCHING PHASE II FOR OUR MERCHANTS IN MOUNTAIN BROOK; ONE MOUNTAIN BROOK!

In PHASE II, we are challenging each household to contribute $100 to this campaign.  100% of money raised will go directly to our merhcants.  This is a 501(c)(3) tax deductible donation.

SAVE OUR RESTAURANTS WAS PHASE I of a community-wide collaboration between city leaders, our chamber, private enterprise and YOU! 

Our goal is to provide financial help to some of our most vulnerable locally owned businesses.  In PHASE I, 100% of the money raised goes to locally owned restaurant owners for the specific purpose of helping them keep their wait staff and kitchen staff.  We know these people; they are our friends, and they need our help now.   Over $60,000 has already been given to our local restaurant wait staff/kitchen staff.

Please join our movement! Now it's your turn to show ALL MERCHANTS IN MOUNTAIN BROOK and their employees how much you care!  

Together we can make a difference. Will you Join us?

#chooseMB #ONEMB #MBalltogether #unitedasONEMB #curbsidemountainbrook

We Are Stronger Together

We are living in an unprecedented time as a community and as a nation. In a time of physical social distance, it's easy to feel disconnected. However, we also live in a time that allows us all to virtually unite in creative ways. Remember, you are not alone and we can get through this together. 

Many small businesses are struggling right now. COVID-19 closures can have drastic impacts on local businesses and their employees. But, hope is not lost! You can help!

You can still shop local for necessities. You can order take out or delivery from your favorite eateries and shop online or curbside at your favorite retailers. You can donate to MB Together.


Each share, tweet, and email helps us spread the word about Mountain Brook Merchant Emergency Relief Fund.

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